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Best TV Episodes of 2018!

Just before Christmas, The Guardian compiled a list of the 25 Best TV Episodes of 2018. Sneaking in at No 23 is one of Danny's episodes of Hey Duggee - the Comedy Badge! Reviewer Stuart Heritage gushes:

Sure, The Stick Badge episode got all the attention, but The Comedy Badge is the real connoisseur’s choice. Every detail, every single frame, was precision-designed for maximum fun. Two members of this household fell out of their chairs laughing at it, and I can’t say that about any other show this year.

We couldn't agree more. Well, Danny couldn't at least. You can watch the Comedy Badge on iPlayer here (available for 20 more days at the time of writing). Hey Duggee also won this year's Best Pre-School Animation BAFTA, for the third year in a row. What a show! Danny's been part of the writing team for series 1 & 2. Currently, Danny's writing for Disney's PJ Masks and Hasbro's Rescue Bots Academy.

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