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A sci-fi adventure, for kids

DYLAN and MOLLY buy their first mobile phones, and they instantly both ring at the same time. When they answer, a Mystery Man (known as Future TX) says he's calling from the future and needs their help. Like, right now. To save the world!

Suddenly our unlikely heroes are mixed up in stakeouts, dodgy clues, weird characters and deadly drones – drones chasing them through gardens, alleyways and houses, equipped with tranquillising darts!

Can Future TX be trusted? Can the kids survive today? More importantly, can they save tomorrow? After all, the future depends on them!


A teen with 2 hrs to live races to finish his bucket list in this uplifting family action adventure.

We supported this new film from our friends at Makelight Productions, sharing the lessons we learnt from making "Who Killed Nelson Nutmeg?" It is written by our good friend Roland Moore. While on a school trip to London's iconic British Natural History Museum, Tim and his best mates discover the Vitalitron, a mysterious steampunk machine that can, according to its inventor, predict the day of anyone’s demise. Tim steps in and finds that his time is just two hours away.



Feature Film - A kids' film, for kids, with kids in the lead roles!

A live-action children's comedy adventure film. Four misfit kids on their annual summer holiday suspect their camp's mascot has been murdered so they set out to investigate Who Killed Nelson Nutmeg?


A coming-of-age story in the style of a "western"

The story of two children who run away into the wilderness to search for a missing Grandma, accompanied by the mysterious new visitor, The Kid With No Name. The movie takes the spirit of the western genre and places it in the modern day UK.

In development

SAVING SANTA CHRISTMAS (aka Who Kidnapped Santa Christmas?)

Seasonal and silly slapstick fun with a good heart. A feelgood story for the whole family.

At a Christmas theme park, a washed-up dad and his tween daughter witness the park’s celebrity ‘Santa Christmas’ get kidnapped so they set out to rescue him, and perhaps rekindle the real spirit of Christmas in the process. In the style of “Elf”, “Santa Clause”, “Jingle All The Way” or “Uncle Buck”.

STATUS: In pre-production


A "PG rated" spooky movie - from Dan Berlinka

A found footage bone-chiller for all the family.

It's out of season in an isolated caravan park, and it's the only time a struggling divorced dad can take his two children with him on 'holiday'. But when the kids’ camcorder catches something sinister lurking in the next trailer, it’s up to them to save their family from becoming part of that other visitor’s all-you-can-eat buffet.


Director Dan Berlinka created the 100 episode TV show “Dixi” for the BBC, which also uses a found footage style. Co-writer Sean Carson has written TV comedy since the 1980s for top UK talent.

In development

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13x7 episodes - international market friendly

The series follows Dash the dog as she recalls the adventures she had with her child owner Anna and her family.​ In every episode, there's drama,  humour and a lot of heart as Dash learns valuable lessons about growing up, which she shares with her two pups, Milo and Sami.

In pre-production


A “fish out of water” sitcom. Fresh Prince of Bel Air meets Downton Abbey.

14-year-old Zita “Princess” Lincoln suddenly discovers she is the 13th Lady Lolsworth. Moving from downtown Dallas to live in a big castle in England seems like a fairytale dream. But is the sassy street-smart girl, and her family, ready for the high-society life? 

STATUS: In depth treatment available


TV comedy series for kids 8-12 years.

A ten year-old boy, his younger sister and their pet mouse make a unique investigative trio especially as the mouse has the ability to transform into a six foot fast-talking rodent!

STATUS: In development. Pilot script available


TV comedy drama series for kids 8-12 years.

A young family forced to look after Granny’s Donkey Sanctuary are shaken out of their self-imposed ruts when they come up against the one animal even more stuck into its own routine than they are – King Donkey. 

STATUS: In development. Pilot script available.


Ongoing series - "My Name Is Earl" style

After deliberately spreading a Facebook virus Jade must visit everyone of her on-line friends to apologise. But is everyone who they seem?

STATUS: Pilot script and treatment available


A fantasy series, written by Angela Churm

12 year old Ellie and her cousin Dylan discover a portal between our world and the world of imagination. A world where everything ever imagined, good and bad, lives. And there are forces in that world that will stop at nothing to cross the divide and become real, bringing their powers with them. 

STATUS: In development. Pilot script available. Co-production with Mario Stylianides (ex NBC and HatTrick)

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