COMING SOON! Destiny is calling.

Future TX is an exciting sci-fi action adventure for all the family. 


DYLAN and MOLLY buy their first mobile phones, and they instantly both ring at the same time. When they answer, a Mystery Man (known as Future TX) says he's calling from the future and needs their help. Like, right now. To save the world!

Suddenly our unlikely heroes are mixed up in stakeouts, dodgy clues, weird characters and deadly drones – drones chasing them through gardens, alleyways and houses, equipped with tranquillising darts!

Can Future TX be trusted? Can the kids survive today? More importantly, can they save tomorrow? After all, the future depends on them!

​Future TX is the first family film produced by Templeheart Films via Attraction Movie Ltd, in collaboration with Nelson Nutmeg Pictures Ltd.

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