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Animated Feature - co-written by Sam Morrison

A brother and sister get mistaken for famous soccer players (because of their replica kits!) by a pair of bumbling aliens. The aliens whisk the kids across the galaxy to help save their oddball team from relegation. Full script available. Space Jam meets Galaxy Quest. 

Co- written by Sam Morrison (Oscar-nominated writer of Netflix’s Robin Robin).

Co-production with Magic Frame Animation. 

Script ready



An action adventure movie

The UK's greatest (but faded) spy has to go deeper undercover than ever before, by literally becoming the pet dog of a megalomanic villain.


A spy spoof live-action movie in the spirit of Austin Powers, Johnny English and Freaky Friday. Featuring famous canine-actor Smurf, winner of the Palm Dog!

This exciting new feature is being co-produced with Whitelantern Film (UK) and Avalon (Ireland) and has received backing from Screen Ireland.

Active development



A family relive the days of December trying to make Christmas perfect

After the worst Christmas ever, a pair of squabbling siblings and their dad discover a magical advent calendar that can transport them back through December so that everything can be changed...

In development



A sci-fi romance set in post war Dorset

A loveable rogue from the future crash lands in rural Dorset just after World War II. Taken in by a local war widow, he finds the first real reason to fight for his future. In the spirit of "Starman" or "Forever Young".

STARLIGHT combines the timeless beauty and romance of a rural British setting but has the fun and optimism of a classic Spielberg movie. Touching on universal themes of love, loss, and grief, STARLIGHT is an engaging and uplifting genre mashup with pan-generational audience appeal.

Script ready



An alien comes to study Earth, taking the form of a dog.

ROVA is a young alien cadet from the planet Nova. As part of her training to become a Super Nova Space Guardian, she must explore a planet that isn’t in her galaxy. All the other ‘cool’ planets got snapped up by other students. Only one is left but it’s apparently boring and inconsequential: Earth.

To blend in, Rova morphs into the friendliest form she can think of: a cute dog. This canine disguise allows her to travel around on her quest to learn how Earthlings live.

At the end of every adventure, Rova compiles a special report which she sends back to her alien academy so she can share what she has learned, earning her a ‘star’ towards her Super Nova goal.

In development



A “fish out of water” sitcom. Fresh Prince of Bel Air meets Downton Abbey.

14-year-old Zita “Princess” Lincoln suddenly discovers she is the 13th Lady Lolsworth. Moving from downtown Dallas to live in a big castle in England seems like a fairytale dream. But is the sassy street-smart girl, and her family, ready for the high-society life? We are developing this alongside Matt Fleckenstein, creator of the Nickelodeon show; "Nicky, Ricky, Dicky and Dawn".

STATUS: In depth treatment available



TV comedy series for kids 8-12 years.

A ten year-old boy, his younger sister and their pet mouse make a unique investigative trio especially as the mouse has the ability to transform into a six foot fast-talking rodent!

STATUS: In development. Pilot script available

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