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Aliens FC kicks off

We are pleased to announce an official kick off for this fun, exciting (and silly) animated feature. We've joined forces with animation writing legend Sam Morrison to help create a story best described as Galaxy Quest meets Escape to Victory.

Aliens FC is the story of a regular family who are mistaken for a famous soccer team by a pair of friendly but bumbling aliens. The extra-terrestrials whisk the family across the galaxy, in need of their impressive football skills to help the charming aliens win their “local” football league, with the promise that they’ll return the family to their home on Earth after the match. The film will tap AI technology to help create unique imagery to portray its fantastical, otherworldly locations.

On the animation front are our good friends at Creation Ent Media and Magic Frame - who we worked with on the TV series pitch for BuddyBots.

They are heading to Cannes 2023 to seek additional partners. Their previous feature, Secret Magic Control Agency, is on Netflix.


“We’re thrilled to be bringing these exciting projects to the Marché du Film with our friends at Magic Frame,” said Sefi Carmel, CEO of Creation Entertainment Media. “Aliens FC is a charming and completely unique tale, and we couldn’t have a better team of writers attached than Sam, Tim and Danny to bring the vision to life. We’re looking forward to sharing the story in Cannes.”

Magic Frame Animation head of sales and co-productions Lidia Chirita said, “What sets this film apart is the remarkable and imaginative alien world where the film is based, which has been expertly crafted by our talented animators with the help of AI. Every frame is an adventure, allowing us to build a unique fantasy world that audiences all over the world will love. We also have further exciting news in the works, involving one of the world’s biggest football stars – so expect more news soon.”

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