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Future TX gains a fantastic score

Future TX has a new composer: Steve Wright! Steve’s an accomplished composer for film and TV. His recent projects include Still Alice, About Time, Doctor Thorne, Shaun The Sheep, and many more. We also have the added bonus of Steve being supervised / mentored by Ilan Eshkeri, an award-winning composer who’s worked on such titles as the movie Johnny English, not to mention his BAFTA-winning music for the animation special The Snowman and The Snow Dog.

Ilan and Steve regularly work together, so it’s an exciting double-team of musical experience and expertise. They both agree that pursuing a more mainstream Hollywood score for Future TX will only boost the film’s entertainment value as well as increase its overall commercial potential. To this end, we’re thinking the music will be more in line with a classic ‘Marvel-type’ score, something that really increases the excitement and impact of the story’s key moments, from the epic drone chase right through to the emotional denouement.

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