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DOG YEARS - out now

Our new TV series is out now. DOG YEARS launches on Kidoodle.

With demand for localised content higher than ever, whilst budgets continue to shrink, it can seem as though live action content is out of reach to many broadcasters. Not so, we say.

Dog Years is our brand-new live action preschool show (10x7mins) that features the adventures of Dash the dog, growing up with a new family. The revolutionary new idea - the family don’t speak ‘dog’ so all Dash hears is nonsense.

This simple, yet humorous, method means that international versions require only a redub of Dash’s voice making it more cost effective than most animations. Now even the smallest streamer or broadcaster can have local live action content ready to go.

Dog Years has already launched on Kidoodle and is in talks with numerous national providers to do localised versions.

3 Fun Facts about ‘DOG YEARS’ and the team behind it

  • Episode writers include Debbie Moon (creator of Wolfblood on CBBC) and Tim John (co-writer of the feature film ‘A Streetcat Named Bob’)

  • Smurf who plays Dash the dog is the Guinness World Record holder for most dog tricks in a minute.

  • Doug Cockle, who plays ‘Dad’ is the voice of The Witcher in the highly popular video game.

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