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Nelson Nutmeg Pictures are casting for their new live action pre-school TV show called "Dog Years". We are shooting 13 episodes of 7 minutes each in the first series.

Each episode will follow Dash, a young dog, as she navigates life alongside her child owner, Anna. Dash has a voice over to guide us through what she is thinking.

The stories are told from Dash’s point-of-view, and as such, when we hear human voices, it will be in a nonsense language – think Charlie Brown’s teacher. Dash’s voice-over lets us know what she thinks about the situation and she can expand and discuss the trickier emotional issues of the story via this method as well as her narration.

This makes the potential for international sales stronger due to the ease of dubbing.

We will be filming in Bournemouth and are seeking people local. By local we mean it is possible to commute daily. This series is being independently made by us for sale online and possibly to smaller broadcasters internationally. It will be paid.


Dad: A bombastic and excitable figure, an all round good laugh. Tall, northern European looking. 30s or 40s.

Mum: Mediterranean looking, usually quiet and kind, but can be stricter than dad. Sporty and athletic too.

Anna: 8 years old. Dark hair. A typical tween in that she is she is still a child, but also trying to find her own voice.

Dash: The voice of Dash herself - needs to be able to do both the younger dash voice and also an older voice for the narration, as if Dash is remembering the story from the past.


We will be auditioning based upon the style of the show. So think about what your own 'nonsense language' may sound like. One key element of working with dogs is that they became a co-actor in the scene - and thus you will need to work with them to guide them through the scene. As such we are seeking dog-owners only to audition.


First stage: If you fit the cast descriptions and are a dog owner then contact us with headshot and CV / letter by 2nd Jan 2019.

If selected: Bring your dog to the audition so we can see how you work with a familiar dog

Date: 12th Jan 2019

Location: Bournemouth

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