Directing-duo for live-action children/family entertainment


This showreel covers our work over the past 10 years plus as directors creating moving image work for the younger audience, across film and TV.

In addition to our directing work we also write for TV, mostly animation scripts, as well as create games trailers for brands such as LEGO.

We are proud to be represented by Jean Kitson at Kitson Press Associates and you can see our full CV on her website via this link.


Dog Years is a live-action pre-school series about Dash the dog who shares fun lessons he learned while he was growing up with his oddball human family.

10 x 7' episodes, created, written, produced & directed by Tim and Danny.


We co-directed and co-wrote this original family feature film, borrowing the style and ethos of the old 'Children's Film Foundation' movies but bringing it bang up to date.

Shot all on-location in Dorset it feature kids in the lead roles, solving the mystery of who is responsible for the demise of the local holiday park mascot. We also did an extensive open casting call to find the right children, seeing over 300 young actors. Visit the film's website here.

It premiered at the LFF and was released on DVD and VOD in the UK and the USA via Evolutionary Films and TriCoast.

SAINT NICKED (short film)

This is a short film we made to highlight the great quality of young actors and how strong they can be in live-action performances.

A four minute monologue, all in one take, by an 11 year old actress.


The first of a series of 10 adverts highlighting a new fly-med offering from P&O Cruises. The campaign of commercials was called "Where Next?"

The brief was to shoot only on GoPro cameras during one of the cruises. 

The aim was to bring more families into the summer holiday offering.

7 WAYS... (short film)

A comedy short - "7 Ways to get the Christmas present you want (and deserve)"

Shot and edited in a day, it was made to highlight the fact that working with children need not slow down your shoot.

HOW WE WORK (interview)

We describe ourselves as "the Coen brothers for kids" because we co-write, co-direct and co-produce in any and all combinations.

People often ask; co-directing, how does that work?

In this short 'DVD extra' we answer that question on-location.


A "behind the scenes" promo video for a large roll out of the Hero Factory toy range and linked free-to-play game.


Wrote, designed and edited this trailer for LEGO's "Invasion From Below" which has been seen over 5 million times across various platforms.


A short documentary about how a new green open space is allowing children to learn more about food and what they eat.