Storyboard Artist Needed

Dog Years - TV series

Exciting times here at Nelson Nutmeg Pictures. We are in pre-production on a proposed new pre-school TV series called Dog Years. It's a live-action show following the adventures of a dog, Dash, alongside her human owner, Anna.

We are in talks with various broadcasters around the world who are reading a pilot script. But we already have some funding in place. We want to continue to send these partners great materials, but these materials must also be useful to us, helping us to develop the idea further. Set designs are on the way, as is casting. But one thing we'd still like to have done are some storyboards.

These would mainly be based upon the 7 minute pilot script - but would be more about showing the visual treatment than strictly shot by shot.

Some payment - to be determined based upon the time it takes. Needs to be someone local to us, Bournemouth area. And free over the next 3 weeks.

Email and

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